Shard-empowered Item Rules


Shard-empowered items are magic items that change in potency depending on the character wearing the item at the time. Items imbued with the power of these shards are therefore considerably valuable, and will scale automatically from level 1-30.

Detailed Rules

  • Each item is essentially a standard magic item of the character’s level +1. At it’s bonus is that of the equivalent item. IE: Imbued Magic Armor would grant +1 at character lvl 1-4, then +2 at 5 when the item’s level becomes 6.
  • All weaponry gains the High-Crit property when used against a shard-imbued creature
  • Armor pieces grant 1/2/3 DR against attacks by shard-imbued creatures depending on tier. DR from these items does stack, so wearing three imbued armor items would grant 3/6/9 DR when fighting these creatures.
  • Major Armor and Weaponry require 8 shards and 1/10th the price of the nearest to character level version of the item.
  • Minor Armor components require 6 and 1/10th cost.
  • Other items (such as necklaces) require 4 and 1/10th cost.
  • Most Shardsmiths have extra shards to sell, and will sell an imbued item at 1.5 times the cost of the nearest character level version.


Shard-empowered Item Rules

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