The Shifting Shards

Adventures Thus far...

The players started this campaign answering a request by Mayor John Hawtrey, mayor of a small town across the sea who needed help from heroic individuals to ease his town’s plight. They each originally thought they were the sole person to answer this call, but upon arrival realized that they all in fact been on the ship for the same reason.

None of the players knew much about this strange land, and they have been charting the geographic details as they explore and learn about the area.

The party was first hired to purge a Kobold infestation of an ancient catacomb the village has used for generations as burial site for their dead. The catacombs turned out to be much more than that, having previously been the site of considerable necromatic activity. The major features of this catacomb were:

  • Several necklaces, which turned out to be capable of dominating those around them. These necklaces were magically sealed in sarcophagi which the players were tricked into opening with minor cantrips.
  • The upper-half of the dungeon was indeed infested with Kobold
  • The lower-half was infested with undead, ghasts and two necromancers attempting to utilize a shard-empowered necklace
  • The shard-empowered necklace turned out to be a major attractant to undead when in contact with living flesh.

After purging the catacombs, the party returned to the village. No wanting to disclose that they had already passed what Mayor John Hawtrey called a sacred barrier into the lower-half of the catacombs, the party lied and indicated that they had only purged the infestation from the upper-half of the catacombs. Mayor John Hawtrey asked them to return, and ensure the infestation had been completely removed. He also informed them that there were additional reports of undead in the vicinity of an abandoned guard tower further to the south.

Upon arrival at the tower, the shard-empowered necklace began to make a faint noise, which increased in volume the close to the tower they became. The party was able to siege the tower over two days, purging the Orcus-worshiping death-priest who had taken up residence with several followers. The tower itself lacked any significant features as it had been built long ago to house a small military unit watching the river delta, however the Head Orc was in possession of another shard, set into a large ring.

After returning to the village to report the catacombs fully purged, and the events at the tower the party was asked to travel North along the river in search of Mayor John Hawtrey’s son, who had gone to a fishing village on the South-Eastern bank of Aldapple Lake. The trip to the fishing village proved exciting, with the party engaging three semi-permanent bandit camps. At the Southern-most camp, two Young Sky-Dragons attacked the party. Each of these dragons was shard imbued, each with a single shard set in their foreheads.

Upon their eventual arrival at Byloch Shore Village, the party came into contact with the Mayor’s son, who had assumed a semi-leadership role among the village. He spoke of bandit raids that had been ongoing, and asked the party to put a stop to the raids. The party happily agreed to do so, having already slain the bandits on the trip there.

The next shiny object to catch the attention of the group, was the island said to be inhabited by cannibals at the center of the large lake. The village spoke of a merchant vessel that could be employed to carry the party to the island, which was due to arrive within the next day. Once the vessel arrived at the village, the party bargained and persuaded the captain of the vessel and his crew to carry them across the deep waters of the lake, which they feared, to the island.

The trip to the center of the lake was of limited event, save for a sighting by Salenn of an ancient dragon swimming under the ship. The dragon passed, seeming to have had little interest in the ship. The captain was able to locate a village on the shore of the island, which the party approached with great care. The villagers, as it turned out were not infact cannibals. They had been forced to live under the oppressive rule of three dragon brothers, who lived on the island. The dragons made the villagers worship them as gods.

The party made short work of the three dragons and those guarding their lair, with considerable creativeness and wit displayed in the original siege. Upon defeating the outer guards, the party heard the sounds of many approaching feet coming from further inside the lair, and chose to fall back to rest before venturing into the cave. The party would later learn that the feet belong to many enslaved individuals who were fleeing at the demise of the dragon guards. The three brothers themselves were somewhat arrogant, in they chose to engage the party one at a time. The eldest brother was shard imbued, with three shards set into his skull.

After returning to the village to considerable praise, the party proceeded to depart with the merchant ship which planned to return to the fishing village. The return trip was more exciting, with a single dragon attacking the vessel while it was in deep water. The party was able to dispatch the dragon, though it’s corpse fell into the water and was not recoverable. In praise of the party, a member of the crew offered his services as a tattoo artist to the party free of charge.


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